Kissberg Construction Projects

Our professional team has over 50 years of experience in supporting federal, state and local government agencies.

We are actively providing services to the City of Atlanta, FAA and the Airport Authority.  These comprise of, but are not limited to various demolition projects to enable the expansion and modernization of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the primary airport in the Southeast United States and busiest in the nation in terms of passenger traffic.

Specific projects at the Airport include demolition of 340,000 ft of warehouse buildings close to the still functioning runway. These buildings include the Gate gourmet facilities, approximately 113,453 ft in area and 25 ft in height, and Old Eastern cargo facilities, approximately 216,800 ft in area and 30 ft in height and most recently the Old FAA Control Tower. Among our challenges were working next to a still functioning runway, security, dust and debris control.

Short list of our many accomplishments:

  • Demolition of 340,000 sqr ft warehouse
  • Demolition of 216,800 sqr ft Eastern cargo facilities
  • Demolition of 113,453 sqr ft Gate Gourmet facilities
  • Demolition of FAA Control Tower

Agencies which we have worked with:

  • FAA
  • EPA


  • City of Atlanta
  • Atl Hartsfield-Jackson Intl Airport




The old FAA Airtower comes down at ATL